Broker Code of Ethics

As members of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario our office and our staff adhere to the following Code of Ethics as insurance professionals:


I will discharge my responsibilities to the public, fellow members, insurers and others in an honest, conscientious and diligent manner.

I will endeavour to provide quality service and perform in a professional and competent manner.

I will endeavour to serve my clients’ interests with insurance coverage best suited to their needs, uninfluenced by my basis of remuneration.

I will hold in strict confidence all information acquired in my professional capacity and will not divulge it or any portion of it unless so authorized or so required by law.

I will endeavour to keep myself knowledgeable and proficient in my vocation.

My conduct toward others shall be characterized by courtesy and utmost good faith in such a way as to enhance public respect and improve the practice of my vocation.